Reconverting a two-bed flat to two single flats: prob with national space standards?

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    Reconverting a two-bed flat to two single flats: prob with national space standards?


    I'm the landlord of a two-bedroom flat that used to be two single flats. They were knocked into one before I bought the property, but some of the paperwork, such as combining the leases, never got done. I still have two leases, pay two sets of service charge to the management company, etc etc...

    But the council (Wandsworth) provides just one council tax bill and knows it's just one flat. When I initially thought about converting the flats back into two I was going to split them as they were orginally – but an interior designer has suggested I split them a little differently. Whichever way I split them, one will fall short of the minimum 37 square meters for a one-bed flat, as set out in the Department for Communities and Local Government's "Technical housing standards – nationally described space standard".

    I'm wondering whether this should even come into play, since I'm only reverting back to what was there before (and what is duplicated on the floor upstairs – with eaves reducing the space further). Whichever way I slice it, the smaller flat will be about the same size – 31 square metres – so it's not as if the new plans have a material impact on the size of the smallest flat.

    Does anyone have any experience of a similar situation? I'd like to think this won't be a problem – and thought it would just be a matter of letting Wandsworth Council know of my plans, given the preceding configuration – but now I'm not so sure. The person I spoke to in the planning department was equally unsure about how my application would be treated.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it.

    Many thanks in advance,


    Worthing councils guidance (to take an example) says:

    The national standards do not relate to conversions. Therefore, where the Council receives an application for a conversion to residential use, the internal and external space standards set out in the Council's Development Control Standard 4: Flat Conversions will continue to be given due regard. Furthermore, the new national standards do not provide information on external space standards for new dwellings and the Council's Development Control Standard 2: Space Around New Dwellings and Flats should be taken into account for relevant applications.


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