Converting 2 maisonette's to 1 house

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    Converting 2 maisonette's to 1 house

    Hi everyone,

    I currently own the ground floor and 1st floor maisonette of a block of four.

    I also own the freehold title,

    My question is can I convert my two purpose built maisonettes so that It would be used as one dwelling, by my self.

    Would the owners of the remaining two maisonettes have a say.
    Would the lease need amending
    & planning.

    The remaining ground floor & 1st floor maisonettes would stay the same.

    As it stands the lease for all four are the same,
    There are no communal areas, any work that needs to be done to the exterior or roof etc, requires all 4 maisonette's to pay equally one quarter of the share.

    Marry thanks

    I considered doing similar some years ago, I suspect for similar reasons to you.

    I realised though, that doing so would take a lot of value away from the maisonettes. Best thing to do is sell one or both, and buy a house. Then you'll have maybe £50k left over.


      Thats one option that I could consider, however can any one answers / give some input to the question I asked.


        As owner of the freehold, you do not require a lease to occupy that part of the building that currently comprises two maisonettes.
        The leases can be immediately cancelled if you are the sole owner of each lease and of the freehold.

        You do not need planning permission to convert the building to a single dwelling, although you will need Building Control approval to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

        As long as you do not interfere with the property occupied by the other two leaseholders, which would be a breach of the Lessor's covenant, those leaseholders cannot control what you as owner do to the other parts of the building you control.

        That answers your question, although the previous comment about loss of value is probably highly relevant.


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