absent landlord , who to seek permission to extend on common land

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    Thank you, I really appreciate your advice.
    I do want to do this legally but don't know how to without getting a reply from the landlord.
    As this land does not fall withing the demise of any of the leaseholders would it even be included if we brough the freehold?


      Type in the name of the landlord on Google using inverted commas to see how many people of the same name are living in the UK.

      In the event that this guy has an uncommon surname or forename, it may provide a number of addresses as contact points.

      Then address letters to each address asking if the receipient was the landlord of the property, explaining that as leaseholder of one flat you want to buy the additional land adjacent to the flat.

      It would also be sensible before doing that to drive to the last known address to find out any information about the current address of the landlord once you establsih he no longer lives at the address shown on your lease.


        Have you tried Findermonkey yet to try and trace the landlord as advised a month ago?



          Thanks, I had no luck with this one month ago. My other concern is that if we try to contact the landlord then our ground rent indemnity insurance will become void...

          I think buying the freehold of the building will be the easiest route.


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