Leasehold Residential Garage conversion

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    Leasehold Residential Garage conversion


    I have a question about legal right to convert a garage in to residential use without asking the freeholders permission and its potential value??

    The property concerned is a residential house with a large 300sqft double length garage underneath; held on a long lease.

    If the garage is split in half length-wise and one half (the back part) is incorporated as part of the house instead, as living accommodation - leaving the front half as a single garage for one car - Would the freeholder's permission be needed?
    If carry out the work without asking permission of freeholder, can the freeholder either ask for the garage to be reinstated as a garage or to ask for money for change of use ? Am assuming residential use carries higher £/sqft than garage.
    If so - for prime London location - for apx 150sqft single garage how much would a freeholder potentially ask for change of use? And/or as compensation for the work done by the leaseholder?

    Thanks for any advice....

    I would assume that such a change would increase the value of the demised property. I would also assume that the lease would contain a clause outlining the FHs entitlement to a share of the uplift in value due to alterations.

    Have you read your lease?
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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