3 storey house - Convert LG in to Studio Flat

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    3 storey house - Convert LG in to Studio Flat

    I have my eye on a 3 storey semi detached town house. the entrance to the front of the house is at ground level, the lower ground level is an integral garage and games room, this forms rear access as the site is lower at the back than the front.

    Do you think it is possible to convert the lower ground in to a studio/1 bed flat (39m2), make it lease hold and bring in its own electric supply/water/gas etc. I know it would require planning. There would be two parking spaces at the rear for the flat and two at the front for the house. The idea would be to raise a mortgage on the flat and rent it out, the upstais house would be mine to rent out or live in.

    There would be natural light to bedroom, kitchen and lounge.

    I have fullly refurbished a couple of places, this type of project is something I have yet to do.

    Has any one done this before?


    Entirely dependent on house prices in your area. The higher the house price the more likely this is a goer. Better to ask local estate agents than a forum where everyone lives in different areas I would have thought. Obviously it can be done, the question is whether it is worth the effort.



      I appreciate your reply, I had crunched the numbers and it will work - hence asking the question on this forum. I am not asking about the financial viability of the project but rather the issues surrounding planning and whether anyone had succesfully completed this type of conversion before.

      Is it "obvious" it can be done?, are you saying planning for this type of conversion is normally granted.

      Has anyone completed a project like this before?


        No difference really to converting a basement to a flat by the sounds of it. It doesn't sound by the style of house that you are in any sort of conservation area, and you have off road parking. As long as you can meet all the requirements of building regs within your budget it should be a goer. There'll be some items that could turn out to be more costly than first anticipated. An example might be if new services need to be brought across from the other side of the road the price shoots up so first make sure you have budgetted comprehensively, but as for planning there should be no issues. If you need to dig down and underpin at all I suppose that could raise objections from your neighbour.


          From a Planning point of view it appears reasonable.

          The plan area is sufficient at 39sqm. Personally, I'd form a studio flat rather than a 1-bed flat to maximise practical and usable space. As for bringing in new utilities - you'll need to deal with the local network / grid suppliers.

          I would consider the loss of external amenity space for the 'house' part. If the Council accept this will the local market? Afterall, average joe would expect a house to have a garden or yard area. It may not bother you, but you're not the local market nor a mortgage lender.
          There is always scope for misinterpretation.

          If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

          Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


            Thanks appreciate the advice

            The rear garden provides access for parking and the garden is large enough to split for bot hthe ohuse and flat if required.

            Will up date if my offer is accepted


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