Scaffold in Shared Alleyway

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    Scaffold in Shared Alleyway


    I'm erecting a scaffold in a shared alleyway that we share with our neighbour

    It's about 1m wide - this is so i can add a loft conversion

    He's saying we require a license

    I spoke to a building surveyor and he said we didn't require one

    Any thoughts on this would be welcome

    Thank you


    I'd expect you need your neighbours go ahead as it's a shared drive. But certainly a licence is not required for scaffolding on your own land. The only thing I can think of that your neighbour might be getting mixed up with is a skip on the highway would need a permit from the council. EDIT. The other thing he might be alluding to is that if you are in a flat you will need a 'licence to alter' from the freeholder for the conversion.


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