Rights when Landlord gets Planning (eek)

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    Rights when Landlord gets Planning (eek)


    So.. after many attempts our landlord finally got permission to build (again) on the flat roof to our building. His last build was rubbish (flat below made of timber is bowing and subject to 40K NHBC claim). We were wondering as long leasehold owners what our rights were to make sure this time its built in clean, safe and proper manner etc? What can we ask to see in terms of documents for the build? We are concerned that he going to connect these two 3 bed flats to existing water pump which is already strained (and only "just acceptable" according to Thames Water) for example - and also are concerned that the only space left to install new water/gas pipes is where our existing bike facility is. Do we have any rights to see where and what they are planning. None of this info is in the planning docs to the permission that we can see.

    Last time the lift was put under a lot of strain as its a goods lift effectively, and they were too tight to pay for a cherry picker. Ever since it breaks down alot and we are concerned this might finish it off! Can we stop them using it?

    Sorry a lot of questions! We were hopeful they would not get planning and are rather alarmed after last time that they have!

    Depends what it says in your leases?


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