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    Window Regs Issues


    We are currently working on a flat that needs some work to get it up to building reg standards for letting out.

    The flat is normal ground floor Victorian layout. The previous owner stuck a skinny side return on the flat and put a kitchen in there. Which it did need as the space is quite small . However, this meant he bricked up the window to the room behind (a bedroom) and then put a much smaller window, high up that opens above the roof of the side return. (otherwise the original window just looked straight in to the side return).

    Regs. NATURAL LIGHTING 1. All habitable rooms shall be provided with an area of clear glazing situated in either a window and/or a door, opening to the external air, equivalent in total area to at least 1/10th of the floor area of the room.

    Problem is that that new window is not 1/10 of the floor space of the room as per requirements. Other problem is that we can’t make the window much bigger.

    What we can do is reinstate the original window to make it meet 1/10 of the floor space, and make it frosted/opaque glass, looking into the side return (can even open if it needs to), also keeping the top window (making it slightly bigger) and continues to open to natural air above the side return roof. The bottom main window would just have light from inside the side return.

    However, not sure if the councils would accept the window not 100% opening to the natural air?

    The bedroom door is about 1m from the flat entrance door which leads into the communal hall with access to the outside (front of the house).

    Has anyone had experience with something like this, and do you think the council would be ok with this?

    The other option which is much more problematic seems to be to cut the side return short and add a light well so that the full length of the window opens to the light well opening. As per link (see Courtyard), although ours would have to be a much smaller lightwell

    Why don't you just ask the building inspector? Sometimes they may make a concession if you are really stuck.

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      Is fresh air or natural daylight the main concern?

      Were the previous works signed off by Building Control and given consent by the Planning Department?

      If they were then I don't see the necessity for changing them - if Building Control start asking for these items to be changed then my first question would be 'Why were they previously approved?' and my second would be 'When did the regulations change making this unacceptable'.

      I'm not a great fan of Building Control not standing by their previous decisions to accept solutions to site specific problems.

      Fresh air can be readily provided by a low volume constant fresh air fan or heat recovery unit.
      There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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