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    bathroom fuss

    Hi all. I am wanting to strip out my bathroom to bear brick. Re plaster move surface mounted pipework to under floorboards. Re fit suite and tile. My local council (lincolnshire) on there web site is saying i need planning and building control involved unless done by someone under the competant persons scheme. Is this correct. Maybe thinking of selling the house within the next year so need to things so it doesnt cause compications where on the market. Thanks

    Councils are desperate to make a buck out of any unfortunate who comes across their website. No doubt there will be a nice fat fee for the council's services. Don't go there.

    I am sure you would not be taking on this work unless you felt competent in doing it or you would get a tradesman in to perfect your pride and joy property. Thousands of DIYers do up their bathrooms every year without all that fuss and sell their houses without incident.

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      If you change electricity or gas pipework then this needs to be signed off (not necessarily done) by a competent scheme contractor.

      If you don't then you can do this yourself.


        erm - does anyone changing their bathroom actually inform the council? Same with kitchens etc. Get on with it and worry not!
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          Nooo! I don't think anybody actually informs the council. Plus who would complain about improving the house? Go ahead I think its a green light.


            As above any gas or electric alterations would need to be carried out and certified by a registered installer. The electrics could be done by a non-registered person but Building COntrol would need to check and sign off the work. Easier to get a certified installer. If you're altering the drainage significantly then this would need Building Regs approval to.

            Is this a flat? Is there a flat below? If so then you'll need to either maintain fire compartmentation and sound insulation or provide it as part of the work.

            Bare brickwork? Render over it, don't plaster. Stud walls? Use cement board instead of plasterboard.

            Unless you're adding a window or increasing the size of an existing one then I don't see what Planning Consent is required.
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