Splitting utlity supplies

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    Splitting utlity supplies


    I'm doing a small conversion in London, converting a house into two flats

    Who do i need to contact to split the water, gas and electric supplies?

    Is it the provider of the gas - or is there a main body for each of these that does the installs?

    Thank you

    Dealing with the utility companies is a nightmare.

    Depending on the incoming provisions you may end up with all new connections from the main in the street. This will certainly be the case for the electric. Pressure and flow rates will determine whether gas and water can be split or new connections required.

    Water should be Thames Water if you're in London. There are a number of Gas infrastructure companies but they all charge the same. Electric, don't know off the top of my head.

    Start by calling your existing provider. Ask the customer service who you need to speak to about a new mains connection and meter. They should then direct you to new business.

    Each will insist on a survey being carried out. Each will have a huge waiting list for the survey and for the work to be done. It will cost a lot of money.
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      I'll take a guess the electric meter will be National Grid's department though they often employ sub-contractors to do the work in the London area.

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        Last time I did this was 2003 so this is probably of little use but then I had Thames Water for the water (funnily enough); Transco for the Gas, and EdF for the Electricity (as they were the supplier at the time).
        EdF charged £1536; Transco £744 and Thames Water £1563. It took 10 weeks to even get an initial site visit for Electricity......


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