Plz help regarding internal alterations

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    Plz help regarding internal alterations

    I am looking to extend my shop, with some internal alterations (removing a beam), and extending the building into a rear yard. My original landlord was Liverpool council, but who have since sold up to a private firm, although the retain a share of this private firm.

    I got my architect plans, then i got landlords consent - namely an APPROVED on the plans, then i believe i had to go through building control and paid them a massive fee. Got my structural calculations.

    Now this new landlord wants Surveyors Fees at a cost of £600, then Building surveyor fees at a cost of £150 an hour, and then £750 in fees to alter license. Add VAT to these prices!

    This is ridiculous .... i believed once building control were involved i was ready to go (subject to legal fees of the alteration to license), and they were even telling me as soon as i start my work to call them to so they will come out.

    Now all of a sudden i have SURVEYOR FEES thrown on me, BUILDING SURVEYOR FEES per hour thrown on me !!!

    Also surely £750 plus vat seems excessive for fees to alter license !?

    Please advise, just as i thought i was ready to go !

    What does it say in your lease about making alterations? The answer lies there I expect.

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      I am assuming the property is in England given your Landlord was / is Liverpool Council.

      Complicating matters further. You don't mention that you have got Planning Consent for the extension. If you haven't, then you need to sort out how you're going to deal with that as well. It is NOT the same as Building Control checking the works off against the Building Regulations. It is NOT the same as Landlord's Consent either - although by chance your Landlord is [partialy] the Council.

      Secondly, you mention removal of a beam so a structural alteration. Have you served Party Structure Notices? Do any of the proposed works fall under the Party Wall Act? If they do and you haven't served Notice then you'll need to. Sorry more cost.

      As for the other fees. Well the Landlord has to safe guard the property for the other occupiers and / or neighbours. The rates aren't excessive for a Chartered Surveyor in a city centre medium sized practice.

      As an aside, you do understand what Dilapidations are and how they relate to a commercial let? If you don't, I suggest you get some advice to help manage future expenses.
      There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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        You have a different thread on here at
        Where you state they are charging you the same amount for inspection of building for removing a structural pillar.

        now you are saying here the cost is not for inspscting the aftermath of removing a supporting pillar, but for an extension.

        Either way, the costs are not unreasonable.
        YOU have removed without consent a supporting pillar.
        YOU were not bothered if the building fell down in that area but the landlord IS.
        And for that and the alterations, you need to pay to make sure the landlords building is SAFE, as it seems you are not concerned if it's safe.


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