Ear-splitting noise from builders next door

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    Ear-splitting noise from builders next door

    Does anyone have any experience regarding this? Any answers?

    I would be curious to hear people's gut feeling about what might be fair.

    Tenant on two-year lease. Massive, ongoing renovation in next-door terraced house with ear-splitting jackhammering most of the day, substantial dust coming through the chimney, overall drastic reduction in liveability.

    Tenant was not warned by landlord about this happening before signing the lease and, to be fair, landlord may not have known either.

    Is it reasonable for Tenant (perhaps together with landlord) to go to the owner of the property-under-renovation and ask for compensation that would effectively be a rent reduction for the nuisance perhaps running to nearly half the lease term.

    What could be asked for: 20% reduction? 10% reduction?

    Is there some kind of recourse to law regarding this type of nuisance; noise and dust particularly?

    Please help!

    If the tenants landlord owned both properties, fair enough to ask for a discount. But this is nothing to do with the landlord. It is beyond his control.

    I can't see the landlord/owner of the other property paying compensation. I think your best bet is to speak to the Environmental Officer and see what they say about it.


      I expect the neighbours of the tenanted property made similar complaints when the tenanted property was being built...

      The tenant should pursue this lot with his neighbour: Landlord should keep well out of it...

      What is your role PrivatePA?? Landlord, tenant, agent, legal ferret, student-researching-exam-question??? Are you in England, or Wales, or Scotland ... or USofA????>
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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