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    Fence replacement

    The house we let is one half of a pair of semi-detached houses.

    The boundary between the two gardens is a fence, for which we are jointly responsible, but which has been 'consumed' by a hedge on the adjoining property.

    The owners of the adjoining property wish to remove their hedge, which will result in what is left of the joint fence falling down, and erect a new fence. They have invited us to fund half of the cost of the fence.

    Do we have to pay up? If they didn't want to remove the hedge then there wouldn't be the need to erect a fence...

    Whenever we've needed to, we've spent money on the property to keep it in good repair but really don't want to incur expenditure when it's not really necessary.

    You pay £3 to the Land Registry to find out which boundary belongs to which property if you don't know.
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      We have the deeds and, as above, 'we are jointly responsible'.


        If you're jointly responsible for a knackered fence then you should pay half regardless of the hedge.
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