Purchased a converted flat to refurbish and re-sell but there are no building certs

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    Purchased a converted flat to refurbish and re-sell but there are no building certs

    Hi, please can someone help me I have spent endless hours looking into this and I am just getting more and more confused.

    I purchased a flat at auction recently at the same time the upstairs flat was also purchased. 4 years ago it was converted from a Victorian house to 2, 3 bed flats. It turns out planning permission was obtained to convert to the flats and add an extension on to my flat but no building Certs or anything was checked or signed off by the council after that. We both have separate council tax.

    I have purchased this flat to renovate and re-sell. I thought it was only the extension that did not have building Certs so am going through the council to get that all cleared. In the mean time to upstairs owners have advised not to go through the council for clearance of the flat but to sell it and get indemnity insurance.

    My questions are this. Will this put off buyers? Is this the best way to go?

    Once I have the extension cleared the rest of the body of flat is the same as it was when it was a house. No room changes etc no walls have been knocked down etc if that makes a difference. There is a communal entrance where we then each have our own front doors. I am getting gas certificates and a whole electrical flat certificate done too. There is good insulation in the ceilings and walls and fire doors through out....

    Any advice most welcome. Thank you sweat)

    If you have already approached the council for the extension, you will not be able to apply for indemnity insurance. It appears upstairs don't want you to approach the council as chances are they too will need to have building certs done now. No having building certs may put off some buyers and if the work has been done to a good standard, then it shouldn't be a problem. My only question is why were they sold at auction? Is there something that has not been done correctly to make them unappealing on the open market?


      Thank you for your reply.

      I have only approached the council about the extension not about the flat as a whole as I didn't realise the whole flat was the issue until this week when the neighbours upstairs came and asked me if I had contacted the council about the whole flat. I think they are wanting to do a really quick flip so they are worried time might be an issue if we go through the council and so an indemnity is the best option.

      I don't see there being a problem any where. The only thing is I have put inset lights in all the ceilings and the electrician cut away a far amount of insulation and sound proofing around them for safety.


        Even though you have just asked about the extension, the Council will likely now see that the conversion was not signed off. Better to get your entire flat signed off at the same time. Makes your flat more attractive than upstairs!


          Yes I think you are probably correct. Of course I will have to pay another £750 to get the flat looked at : (

          Any idea what they will check for? Would be good to be ahead of them before they take a look.


            Inadequate foundations?


            demolished chimney breasts?

            Plumbing/drains in new extension?

            All sorts of stuff.

            But it may be OK ...

            Why did it go to auction, was there anything dodgy about the seller?


              The extension has all been passed including drains etc

              No structural walls have been changed, no chimneys destroyed in the main body of the house/flats. Do foundations come into it when it is a Victorian building??

              We aren't too sure why he sold it other than the seller has a very large portfolio and the time he sold it was end of financial year so we think it was a tax reason.


                You say extension has all been passed - so have building control been round in the last few days?

                If so, they'd have looked at the other stuff I'd assume.

                Don't worry about neighbours, their flat is their problem.


                  Hi, No they just looked at the extension. As that's all I paid to get looked at.

                  Having spoken to a solicitor it would seem indemnity is the way to go for the flat as a whole. They say they are doing them daily.


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