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  • ram
    There are 2 persons to the freehold.
    You need a majority vote alter the building.

    That means you need the permission of the other flat.
    If they don't give permission, you cannot convert.

    Planning permission has nothing to do with what's in your lease.
    Your lease may say not to alter anything without the freeholders permission, and that means 2 signatures, one from each flat is required.
    Planning permission does not give you the right to ignor the lease.

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  • Velina
    started a topic Flat conversion

    Flat conversion

    We bought a 2 bedroom ground floor flat which we would like to convert into 2 one bend room flats, it is a lease hold flat but we own 50% of the freehold, the other 50% is owned by the flat upstairs. If we obtain a planning permission to covert, would the other freeholder be able to object to the conversion? Do we need to get permission from them as well?

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