permitted development rights please help

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    permitted development rights please help

    please help.
    I have completed on a 3 bed semi today. during the buying process i researched permitted development and spoke to the neighbours about a 6 meters single storey extension. it falls within all the guidelines or so i thought.
    the council were notified and the neighbours were written to and after 21 days no objections were received.
    today just after i had completed the sale i have been told that the council have rejected the application and i now have to go to planning permission.
    I dont understand and im really upset as only purchased the house to have a large kitchen extension.
    please help
    many thanks

    planning permission, this applies to most extensions.
    ( you cant just use old bits of wood and secondhand corrigated roofing, you know )

    You wrote to the council, who have informed you that you must go through the "Nornal" planning permission proceedure. Assumining as it may be "permitted" then maybe your planning application may be successful.

    Hopfully the planning permission proceedure will just be to ensure everything conforms to all the building regulations etc, and you may find permission is granted.

    But none of us work for your council, therefore cannot advise as to what your council rules and regulations are.


      Don't panic. It's possible that your new house has already used up its quota of permitted development, or that your proposed extension would take it over its quota.

      Just apply for planning permission for what you want. Nobody is saying you can't have it, just that you can't have it under PD.

      Building control is a separate issue - you'd have to comply with building regs anyway. This is a completely different part of the council.


        emmey - you should have approached the council first and asked opinion of your permitted development. Some councils may make a small charge for this but it is well worth it to gain advice.

        Go back to the council and NEGOTIATE what will be acceptable. The world of the council planner is a strange one - I have learnt that upsetting one will get you nowhere and making an enemy of one even worse.

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