converting a house in to flats.

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    converting a house in to flats.

    Hi im new to forum but I wonder If anyone could help.

    Im toying with idea of converting a 3 bed house into two 2 bed flats and wondering if anyone can give me advice on the procedure and a guess of what it will cost.

    Upstairs would be quite easy as it has 3 good sized bedrooms and a bathroom.So Its just a case of putting a kitchen in the large bedroom.Making it a lounge/kitchen.

    Downstairs already has bathroom fitted so it a case of moving a few walls around.To make it a two bed I would have to build up the conservatory and put a tiled roof on it.The kitchen is already there.

    What is the procedure for planning, I.e converting to flats, converting the conservatory.

    Other issues would be sound proofing, utilities.

    I would be grateful if anyone can give me any advice.


    You will need to make a planning application with plans showing how you intend to redevelop the building to create two separate dwellings.

    That will normally require parking provision and some amenty areas for each property where they keep the bins and hang out washing possibly.

    If planning is granted then you need to ensure that building control approve the plans for compliance with building regulations.

    That takes account of soundproofing between dwellings, fire protection between dwellings, the type of sanitary ware used and how each proeprty drains away to the sewer. It may al;so require windows to meet current standards.

    How much will it cost?

    No idea unless full plans are submitted to a professional quantity surveyor for his estimate based on the standar of finish envisaged.
    Cheap and cheerful on an ex-council estate, or full specifcation for a Chelsea flat could mean a difference of many thousands of pounds.


      Thanks for the advice.


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