overflow pipes drenching our patio

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  • overflow pipes drenching our patio

    not sure if this is totally the right forum for this but I have received excellent advice from here in the past so I thought I'd give it a try...

    we have purchased a ground floor leasehold flat in a council block. The overflow pipes from the two flats above us have been dripping into our patio for the last couple of years. Having contacted the council, they said we need to ask the people in the flats to fix their plumbing. The people said they would but they didn't and obviously won't.

    In desperation we have redirected the overflows into the water drain. The neighbour, who has always been hostile, has complained to them. The council are now saying that we must re-instate to allow the overflow to drip into our patio again.

    Surely it is not legal for our patio to be used as a place to dump other peoples excess water coming from faulty plumbing they refuse to fix. Even if their plumbing wasn't at fault I would still object to having, even the risk of having water come into our patio.

    It's a comical situation, we could be outside sitting having a meal on the patio and suddenly receive a good soaking from above, anytime without warning and from several pipes in different locations. Our patio is very narrow so are forced to stay relatively close to the walls at all times...

    Thanks in advance.

    David =p

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    No, wrong forum.... where should he post anyone??



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      Originally posted by pdk View Post
      No, wrong forum.... where should he post anyone??

      Long leasehold or Conveyancing.
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