Existing HMO + 1Flat to 5 flats

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  • Tipper
    Formally, as I suspect you already know, you will need full planning permission for a change of use from flat + house to 5 flats.

    You will also need to comply with building regs particularly wrt sound proofing between individual dwellings which is pricey. Also protected fire escape routes but they maybe in place already as you say you have a fire alarm system.

    Going it without planning is risky and without building regs is actually illegal. It's up to you.

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  • Jeznliz
    started a topic Existing HMO + 1Flat to 5 flats

    Existing HMO + 1Flat to 5 flats


    I am buying a large semi detached house that has been arranged as a ground floor flat with additionally 6 bedsits on 2 floors, each floor having a kitchen & bathroom. The property is recognised by the local authorities as an HMO & I also have statutory declarations stating this use over many years.

    The property could be let as three flats with no changes at all but the flats would be enormous. I would rather convert to 5 self contained flats which would only require the installation of some kitchen units & a couple of en-suites. The property already has a maintained fire alarm system & parking for at least 10 cars on site.

    There appears to be no documentary proof of the exact layout of the house,
    Would it be workable to make the changes I wish to make under the radar & apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use sometime down the line.

    I am hoping to improve the property which has had a bad reputation in the past & the flats would have fewer occupants than renting each room as an HMO

    Hope that makes sense

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