Advice Sought On Conversion Of Own Home Into 2 Flats

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    Advice Sought On Conversion Of Own Home Into 2 Flats

    Hello folks
    My first post so please be kind....would like to say huge thanks for the info I have already gleaned reading through the posts but would like some feedback on my intended conversion

    I live alone in a 3 bed semi ex local authority house in a tiny village which is very rural. I need to increase my income as my business is struggling and my mortgage of 45k is currently on interest only so I have been advertising for a lodger without success, believe its just too far out in the sticks

    I am a huge fan of small homes (less running costs etc) and have decided (subject to PP) to convert upstairs into a sc 2 bed room flat, and I will live downstairs

    The layout means that structural work will be limited, close off downstairs hall to create separate access to flat upstairs, new kitchen upstairs and new shower downstairs (already have wc downstairs) soundproofing, new boiler for gas upstairs etc, will I need fire doors, escape route etc? and will this be classed as a HMO? I intend letting the flat as one home

    I have made an initial enquiry to LA regarding the PP, spoken to the utilities about costs of splitting water, electric and gas...will speak to my neighbours to check their views, parking is not a problem for another 2 cars....

    BUT I am already thinking the costs will be prohibitive, water board are quoting 2k+ think Western Power will also be a huge bill....
    The expected annual rental is approx only £4.5k pa (poor area of Wales) so the spend needs to reflect that, particularly as I will be borrowing about 6k (in a friends name as my income is too low to get a loan) and using my small savings of 3.5k....can anyone suggest any ideas for reducing costs or anything else that might work better?
    Bit of a long winded post so thanks for bearing with me....kind regards

    You don't say what the planners had to say on the matter?

    Apart from the utilities metering requirements your biggest and costly problem will be sound/fire proofing ceiling /floor to upstairs. Most local authorities conduct a test to see if it meets their spec.

    No your plan does not create an HMO and separate fire escape not necessary but recommend upstairs windows have casement openers for easy escape.

    From what you write it is not worth doing IMO.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Originally posted by shwmae View Post
      my business is struggling
      What you SHOULD be saying is : - How do I increase my target customers to increase my income in my business.

      NEVER, NEVER plough money into a failing or decreasing demand business - - never.

      As your business is at least £ 5000 short of making a profit, get help on your business as that's where the problem is.
      Spending money on a conversion to prop up your business is financial suicide.

      Just get a lodger, stick him in the spare bedroom with use of the rest of the house, but still see a specialist on your business matters.


        thanks for the info....planners have not confirmed either way...this is very much in the early stages so I made an informal request for their views on it, they reckon to get back to me within a week or so..appreciate your time...


          Ram thanks but it seems as if I did'nt explain the situation clearly enough, I cannot find a female lodger and for security issues a male lodger is not worth the worry, have a male tenant however is completely different....and thanks for the business advice but that is not what I seek....


            As said above meeting the building regs will be expensive primarily due to the cost of soundproofing the floor/ceiling. I would estimate about £4-5k for that alone.

            You will also need to rewire and split the plumbing/gas supplies, etc. all this costs money in addition to the utilities costs you have identified.

            It could cost you £15k upwards to do the job completely.


              Thanks Tipper, I had a chat with a builder last night who said the same regarding the sound proofing, its all good info and thanks for taking the time...kind regards


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                The loft space is not yours to use.
                The lease tells you what you DO own or is your demise. it does not go through everything that is NOT yours.
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                Just agree a price and instruct a solicitor.

                You may get involved with capital gains tax though and he may not get planning permission.
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