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    A vendor needs to sell their property in the next 5 days, due to financial distress

    Local searches may take a few weeks

    What risks do i take by completing without searches?

    I've looked into things like, land registry, planning history, ive had the property checked out by a surveyor

    What could go wrong and what would the searches reveal?

    It's a very good deal due to the distress involved

    I look forward to your responses, thank you

    Debt on the property and a loan not discharged may be a risk, site may have mining or other environmental hazards.

    Who owns the drains and any private sewers? The age of the property will give you a clue.

    Are there any obvious boundary disputes? Is all the property/land registered?

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Buyer beware. If its too good to be true, then there is probably a catch. Can you afford to take the risk?


        There are three categories of searches:

        1. Local search. This will supply information about planning, roads, TPOs, notices served by the local authority and the like. If you Google "Local land charges search" you will get full information. Proceeding without a local search is a risk, but the degree of risk depends on the property. A buyer or his conveyancer or an agent can do a personal search at short notice, but although this will reveal any local land charges, you may not get the full information you get with a written application.

        2. Title searches. These are vital as they not only reveal encumbrances not revealed by examining the title but afford protection against dealings after purchase. They can be turned round very quickly and so are not a problem for the purchaser in a hurry.

        3. Other searches. These are many and various and in part depend on where the property is. Your conveyancer can advise which are advisable.


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