Converting outhouse in Leasehold flat

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    Converting outhouse in Leasehold flat

    Hi there,

    My first post on here, so hopefully it is in the right place. I've had a look and can't find a similar post, apologies if there is one.

    I have recently moved into a freehold property which has two small bedrooms. just outside the main bedroom is an old outhouse that belongs to the flat and is currently used as storage. The bedroom has an old door leading to an outside landing space between the two buildings which again leads to the outhouse through another door.
    I am wanting to convert this outhouse to allow for extra storage/wardrobe space for the bedroom and understand I would have to gain permission from the freeholder before starting work. My question is, is my freeholder likely to agree to the modification as it would require the joining of the two buildings. I am concerned they will say no, or take the opportunity to ask for other works to be done on the block of flats instead. Would we be advised to have architects drawing drawn up to be submitted to the freeholder and do i need planning permission for this conversion? I would be grateful for any thoughts and advice. Many thanks.

    There are two similar posts, immediately below this.

    It's not completely clear what you are proposing - you have a first floor flat, and would like to add another storey to an existing outhouse? You are the long leaseholder of the flat? The outhouse is demised to you, or just part of it?

    Whatever the detail, it is highly likely that:

    Yes, you will need planning permission.

    Yes, you will need freeholder's consent, which may be withheld. You will probably have to pay the freeholder some part of the increase on value of your flat, plus all legal costs for redrawing your lease agreement.

    You will need to meet building regulations. An old outhouse may not have sufficient foundations nor proper walls for what you propose.


      You've moved into a Freehold property and wish to use a portion of a neighbouring Leasehold property?
      There is always scope for misinterpretation.

      If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

      Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


        Thank you for your reply,

        To (try) and clarify my position. I am the long leaseholder in a property owned by a freeholder. There are 2 other leasehold flats in the building. The flat is lower ground floor (not full basement) The outhouse is also lower ground floor and is included as part of the property as defined by the boundaries in the deeds and set out in the lease.
        I am proposing to convert the outhouse to include it as part of the property for additional room space and storage. The roof of the outhouse, which will need replacing, and one wall are attached to the exterior wall of the main house and there is a small well between the two properties at present to allow for steps to ground level which span land also demised to my property.
        The two buildings would have to be connected by blocking off the step access (which only allow access to my outbuilding) and the opening of the two walls between the property and the outbuilding.

        I had hoped that the freeholder would grant permission as the outbuilding would be improved by this conversion and the fact it belongs to the property already.

        I wouldn't have thought the lease would need to be amended as the description of what is created would still be covered by the current description in the lease. The drawn plan included as part of the title deeds would need to need to be altered to show the join of the 2 buildings.

        Is it usual to pay a percentage for any increase in property value? You don't pay them a premium when you sell should the property have increased in value. Seems a bit unfair if the part of the property I am proposing to convert is already part of the property and I am paying for the conversion.

        Hope thats a bit clearer?


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