New gas pipe routed outside of flat in commual area - is that allowed?

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    New gas pipe routed outside of flat in commual area - is that allowed?

    Hi, are gas pipes allowed to be routed outside of the owners flat in what would be the communal area. The purpose built flats were built in 1969/70 and owners are replacing their boilers.

    A couple have had the gas pipe routed above their front door in the passage way, as it appears this was an easier option. Should they have got permission from the residents board?

    As the pipe isn't in their flat do should the pipe be labelled or boxed in?

    Would this alteration need to be reported to the insurance company who cover our buildings policy?

    Just my opinion but this doesnt sound right at all.

    There are obvious safety and boundary issues which are likely to concern the buildings management.
    Its also extremely unlikely that if due process was followed that these works would have been approved.

    Most alarming is the possibility that these installations could affect the integrity of the buildings insurance so if any disaster occurred there could be no payouts.

    I recommend you formally correspond with the buildings management about this asap, pointing out that it is an urgent matter that they have now been informed of and that they have an urgent responsibility to look into the matter.
    It may also be sensible to garner some support from other flat owners if possible.


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