Potential costs to "re-work" internal utilities

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    Potential costs to "re-work" internal utilities

    Hi all - happy new year.

    Looking for some ball park costs [again] around utilities.

    A few years back we purchased a terraced house which was converted to four flats. The situation is:

    Gas - one supply for all flats - we pay the bill
    Water - one supply for all flats - we pay the bill
    Electric - five supplies, one for each flat (tenant pays their own bill), we pay the communal bill.

    Given the "huge" increases in energy we're now paying £5,000 for the gas and £2,000 for the water. We feel this costs is unsustainable so we're considering installing new supplies. I've estimated :

    - Gas £4,000 for four new connections
    - Electricity £4,000 for four new connections
    - Water £2,000 for four new connections

    I'm not sure if there are "good" estimates, I've requested indicative costs from the distribution companies but can anyone comment on my estimates.

    My total unknown is the INTERNAL "rework" costs. At present all four flats are plumbed to use the same gas and water, can anyone give me a ball bark cost to "re-work" the gas/water piping? The house is pretty standard in layout, as follows:

    Terraced property
    Flats 1 and 2 on ground floor
    Flat 3 and 4 on the first floor.

    Each flat consists of a studio room (living room with kitchen), separate toilet/shower, and each flat has it's own central heating boiler.

    Thanks for reading

    Cheapest and easiest solution;

    You could fit sub-meters but you'd still need to administer and collect the monies owed. You'd still have the gas and water bill to pay to the utilities. Any Gas Safe engineer could do this.

    Most expensive and longest solution;

    Contact the utility infrastructure providers and get the main supplies officially split to serve each flat. You'd only have the communal bill to worry about. Will take time to sort out and be very expensive. They may also refuse to do it if the mains supplies are sufficient according to their standards.
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      Submeters - interesting, did not even consider that. Collection of rents could be a hassle but as I use a letting agent I suppose I could ask them to manage. I'll have to look at the cost of these - is this a valid option i.e adheres to standards etc?


        We split a house into three flats and intended to split all 3 utilities. However due to the chaos created by a certain water supplier in the SW (who shall be nameless!) we only did the gas and water. We couldn't face electricity as well! As the flats are holiday lets it didn't matter in the short term but we had intended to do all three for when we sold them off.

        Gas was the cheapest, easy to communicate with and just got on with the job particualrly the local man on the job who suggested a better way to install than head office!

        Water was, as I said, chaos! Cost a fortune, didn't know their own pricing structure and delayed until we had to have a full road closure due to their mistaken interpretation of local holiday route needs. Absolutely useless imho.

        As to prices:

        Gas was one supply split into 3, ie 2 new supplies, cost about £1200 for the 2 new connections, meters, etc. Also included upsizing a length of ingound gas main too.

        Water was one supply split into 2, + 1 all new supply (because it was cheaper to 'split' one supply than ask for 2 more new! Be careful what you ask for.) Cost £2200. They started off at over £3k but I quoted their pricing structure back at them and got it reduced.

        Electricity, as said, we left as 1 supply because we had no heavy load electric heating and the electrician considered it satisfactory as was. We split all electrics internally by installing new sub mains from the single meter via indiviual isolating switches an to each flat. This can be easily upgraded with new separate meters in the future.

        Internal gas works was just the installation of the new internal gas pipes to each flat from the new meters location.

        Internal water distribution to each flat involved new water mains from the 3 new stopcocks/meters and was done by me following attendance at a Water Regs course and assessment. Blue water main pipe is cheap, excavation for it is expensive particularly through tough old concrete slab! About £1500 I think. I also did all the plumbing.

        Electricity distribution was all included in the cost of full all new rewiring of the building into 3 separate new 'fuse' boxes, etc. about £2500 per flat incuding some security lighting work outside.

        We also installed BT Broadband and this was simply reuse the existing single phone line and provide one Broadband WiFi router to cover all three flats. If a future new owner wants a separate phone line then they can sort it out with BT themselves! £120 for reconnection, etc, iirc.

        Hope that helps a bit.

        My main message is talk to the utilities about 'splitting supplies' rather than requesting new as they are keen to have additional customers off the back of previously shared supplies.


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