Converting a large pub/restaurant into residential...?

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    Converting a large pub/restaurant into residential...?

    I have experience in refurbing/letting houses but am thinking of something more challenging next...I think this would make a great appartment block:

    Where would I even begin to start in terms of:

    1. Planning permission? It's a risk to buy without planning permission - but there must be something I can do to understand the likelihood I would get permission to convert to residential?

    2. Build cost? I have an idea of the cost of internal work but have no idea on the cost of structural - I guess this will come down to the existing layout and getting a builder to come to a viewing with me? Your thoughts?

    The potential rental returns make this a much more interesting investment than contuining to buy inner city houses

    I thought Longbridge - the inustrial part was just about to undergo massive re-development as a modern industrial/commercial site?

    The words 'landmark' and grade 2 listed' suggest that demolishing it is out of the question.

    Best thing to do is contact the local planning department and present yourself with your idea. They may speak to you without cost or you may have to apply for pre-application advice - costs depend on size of site but I would guess £100+.

    Start by taking a look a the 'local plan' - or what ever they call it these days - available at the planning office. This is free to look at and will give you an idea of what eh LA have in mind for that area.

    Most builds are worked on cost per sq M these days - search online for some ideas. Other things to consider is where are the sewers - and will they take the size of development you envisage - same goes for water and gas mains.

    Converting listeds needs deeeeep pockets and patience.

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