Temporary Works/Licence to Alter

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    Temporary Works/Licence to Alter

    Im in a tricky situation and would appreciate some assistance.

    Im looking to get a structural internal wall removed to make a room more open planned. I have engaged a structural engineer (SE) to calculated the beams and load bearing, which he has done. However the joint freeholders/management company's SE insists on having a propping diagram for the temporary works. My SE has explained to him that acrow props with strong boys will be used, but does not feel competent doing a propping diagram saying that builders normally do this as they will be undertaking the work.

    Im in a bind as I cant get the licence to alter without the other SE consent, whilst I cant appoint a builder without knowing I have consent.

    Any help on how I can navigate this process would be appreciated.
    - Do I have to splash more cash on engaging someone to draw up a temporary works propping diagram?
    - What are the normal procedures around a licence to alter?


    Has your SE specified how many and where the props and bearers are to be?

    Or has he stated 'Contractor's Design'?

    To be honest, it's not very Professional that the two of them can't ressolve the matter between them.

    What does the the FH SE mean by 'diagram'? A Plan, Detail, Elevation, Section or all four?

    I would ask your SE to design and specify the proping. If they can't then ask the FH SE for a fee proposal to do so.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

    If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

    Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


      I would imagine the requirement is to ensure not just structural stability but also to ensure no damage to other flats caused by deflection of floors and ceilings. do you actually know which way the joists run for instance. that will make a difference in how the props and strong boys will be set and spaced. as an example if the joists run parallel with the wall to be removed then the load will need to be transferred onto more than just the one joist running parallel to the wall.

      I would also have thought that any builder doing the work would be fully insured, so no need for propping diagrams, when you say management company, are you sure its not a spotty kid who doesn't know their a**e from their elbow??



        Hi Thanks for your reply.

        He has stated 3-4 strong boys would be needed to carry the load. but has not designed where they would need to go saying its best left with the builders as his firm does not do this and crosses the line.

        Yesterday I proposed that the FH SE produce the propping diagram as my SE cant but the FH managing agent has come back saying this would be a conflict on interest and to get a 3rd SE to produce it. Im joint FH so I think my proposal is fine as im looking for an impartial way forward. I think the managing agent is just being ultra difficult and wanting me to throw more cash where it is not needed.


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