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    I hope I've posted in the right place.

    I engaged a local building company to divide one bedroom into two. The work involved putting in a tilt and turn window and replacing a window with a T&T. The work was due to be completed on 2/10/13. After many assurances that the work would be complete it wasn't, so I told them I would have to get somebody else in to do it as they obviously couldn't. This was on 1/11/13.

    They are not members of Trustmark or FENSA. Do I need to go down any particular route with my complaint?

    Are there any guidelines?

    Are there any other trade bodies like Trustmark that could belong to?

    They say all their work is insured. I'm going to ask for a guarantee for the work they have done (electrics and the stud wall) . If they wont give me a cert of guarantee can I claim against them for it?

    I've already paid them in full to do the job. What a fool I was. They said they'd complete all the work the next day but never did.

    What's the quickest way to resolve these issues?

    Sorry to hear it. If they are not members of a professional body then I can't see who you can complain to. Do they intend to come back and finish it off - at some point?

    I know it's a sore one but NEVER pay a builder in full, always use stage payments through the job. If they say they need the money in advance to buy materials then open your own trade account and buy them yourself.


      Thanks for your speedy reply QFF. They kept promising to come back but never did and they didn't even phone me to let me know, so I was left waiting for them. This happened on at least 5 occasions. They had a key to the property so could have let themselves in at any time.

      As it turns out they hadn't even booked the tradesmen!


        Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
        They kept promising to come back but never did!
        Why would they bother to come back? You've already paid them in full, they've got nothing to lose.


          That is true Mrs Mug. I am now trying to resolve the situation and am preparing a MCOL. I just want to be sure about any alternative resolution routes that I might be able to try, or have to try, first.

          For example if they were a member of Trustmark, there is a procedure to go down. As it happens they are on the Fakes and Forgeries list for saying they have Trust mark accreditation when they don't.


            Speak to your local Council, they may be able to do something from a trading standards angle.

            In the meantime make sure you let your friends and family know how dodgy they are. Word of mouth spreads very quickly.

            Good luck!


              Update: went into the shop this morning to ask for guarantee for the bit of work they did. Owner said he didn't like my reviews and would complete the work tomorrow. Hmmmmmmm.


                Of course they never turned up.


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