Keep electric heaters or install gas?

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    "Storage heaters are useless because they release all the heat during the day when nobody is in"

    You need to change your mindset. In Winter, storage heaters are very good, in the sense they on all the time. Yes, they release the heat during the day, but the property will be warm and comfortable when you get indoors. Unlike a property with combi, it takes several hours for the heat to peneratre the walls and floors.

    With storage heaters, yes the heater to mellow out by 9pm, but they recharge by 11pm.

    The only weakness, with storage heaters, is during the Autum, when you go from Hot Days to Cold Days. It does not work so well with fast changing weather, unless you are up-to-date on controls and weather forcasts. But newer storage heaters have in-built fans, so it is not a big issue.


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