Planner reject HMO as there are no shared facilities

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    Planner reject HMO as there are no shared facilities

    We applied for HMO planning permission, we wanted all inclusive bathroom and kitchen. They came back and said it is not a HMO. However, I felt I am providing a better quality accommodation by having no shared kitchen or bathroom.

    Is there a way around it or how to deal with it?

    Does each room have its own bathroom and kitchen? i.e. bedsits?


      Allow a room that is a kitchen that all of them can use.

      I have heard someone say they did this and then kept it locked; it's only purpose was to satisfy the planners.

      Not sure I approve

      Its a mad world..........
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      You can search the forums here:


        What is the current use of the property? How many floors does it have? How many tenants are you intending to have in it? Is it in England/Wales?
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