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  • mk1fan
    The Planning Fee should be very easy to calculate. You're creating one new dwelling so the charge will be 1x new dwelling. What maybe harder to calculate (online) is any possible CiL charge appended to a consent.

    You'll also need Building Regulation Approval - this will cover issues of sound insulation etc.... - which is completely separate to Planning Consent.

    As you have an Architect they should be able to answer all these basic questions quite readily for you.

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  • mariner
    Just mu opinion but it seems a lot of work and expense to convert what is effectively a 2 bed property to 2 bedsits.
    What about cooking arrangements?
    Current building regs would apply and 2 flats woul prob result in a higher C Tac assessment overall.
    It depends on location, but if rent is right, I suggest there are several HA Ts trying to escape the 'bedroom tax'
    Single flats could attract low end HB claimants and you could end up with a HMO.

    2 bed property rentals are of interest to married couples in employment with/out 1 child

    Only you can determine your avail target Ts.

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  • realist
    started a topic House to 2x Flat convertion

    House to 2x Flat convertion


    I'm pondering with an idea of converting my 2/3 bed house to 2x single bed flats.

    It's currently a house with 2 beds, but originally the WC was on the groun floor - older owners moved the WC to where the 3rd bedroom would of been upstairs.

    Have a few questions in terms of £££ and the steps i should be taking.

    - I would certainly have to let the bank know/get consent to do the work. Do i let them know prior planning permission or after?
    - I got an architect to have a look and looks like first flat entrance can be from the main door, and second one from the side of the house. Requires the move of the staircase. Costs wise looking at around 15/20k for the conversion i'm told.
    - Regarding planning permission; what kind of costs am i looking to incur? House is in the borough of Enfield. I've got mixed talks about the council charging for the planning permission?
    - Also any idea about noise/sound insulation? Is there any laws around that i.e. noise from top to bottom vice versa..

    Looks like loads of homework needs to be done!

    Thanks in advance.

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