planning permission for change of window in a flat

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    planning permission for change of window in a flat

    Hi there,

    The purchase of my last flat fell through (thank you to everyone that gave advice) two days before exchange the vendor changed his mind and sold the flat privately!

    Anyway so we have put an offer down on another flat which we like but the windows are quite high off the floor and quite small and we wanted to either change them for larger windows or ideally put in a balcony or juliet balcony just to let in more light. It is on the second floor (above an office) and on the outside everyone else has the standard windows so I doubt I would be allowed, but I thought maybe it is allowed and no one has tried before (long shot I know). Here is a picture of the outside of the property

    Its the only thing that lets the flat down from the inside is the size and position of the windows. Just wondered if someone had some insight or experience doing such a change. I will approach the local council planning dept but thought maybe someone has some knowledge so I am better prepared before approaching them.

    Many thanks


    Leasehold property needs more than just pp, it' not your building to change! You'll need the freeholder's permission and they may not be keen or give permission. Could cost more than a simple window change.

    I'd talk to the freeholder first.


      Ah I see, thank you very much for your feedback. I will do that first.



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