Neighbour puts his ladder on my fence.

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    Neighbour puts his ladder on my fence.

    My flat has a garden demised to it. I have fenced all around with concrete posts and wooden panels. The fence is entirely inside my property boundary and nowhere forms a party wall. One side of my garden has boundary with Council flats. The Council tenants have put up on my fence a ladder standing inside their garden, resting on the top of my fence and sticking above this about 3 feet. It trespasses the air space a few inches. The ladder gives easy access to burglars and to the rear of the building. Next to the ladder the Council tenants placed on my fence poles and slabs also leaning on my fence and sticking above. My garden has boundary also with a park and a road. The bad thing is that the ladder is visible from the park and any one walking on the road.

    As soon as I saw the ladder, I wrote a complaint to the Council asking them to 'immediately remove the ladder as it tresspasses the property and causes loss of security'. I also said how it affects me and my family. I asked The Council that all should be in post or email - so that I have paper trail. If you allow the Council to telephone you they talk you down. The response of the Council is ’they are looking into the matter’ In the past year twice the Council trespassed my property by dumping timber on my door and nailing a gate on my wall. Only when I threatened legal action they apologised.

    Any one has advice how to make the Council move their ladder from my fence?

    I though of pushing over my fence ladder and all. The problemn is that both tenants man and woman will retaliate. If the Council refuses to tell tenants move the ladder away from my fence what can I do? I asked a surveyor to do a report for my fence that it is not a party wall and the ladder trespasses my property. I have the receipt for the construction of the fence. The next option is to spend some cash and built a brick wall next to my wooden fence so that the boundary is solid.
    "I'll be back."

    I think the easiest way of dealing with this would be to wait 'til the dead of night and pull the ladder into the park and chuck it into the nearest watercourse. Complying with rules which are only meant to control us and limit our freedom is never a good idea, it just leads to more stringent controls and further loss of freedom, just ask the Jews.

    Of course before that, it might be an idea to try to treat your neighbours as neighbours and not as enemies and just try and have a chat with them. A wise man in a similar situation once told me the solution to his problem: He went round with a tenner, and gave it to the bloke who was causing an issue, he said "that's just for talking to me". He then went on to explain that if the problem was moved to the other side of the property until the neighbour moved on (in this case a barking dog) he'd give him another tenner when they moved out. You might need to up the stakes nowadays but its worth a go if simple parle doesn't work.


      Neighbour puts his ladder on my fence.

      Thought this was a euphemism for a second. Is there any reason why you haven't asked your neighbours to move it?


        I had a similar problem back in '87 - ladder was hanging on bracketd on my fence! I advised the owner of the ladder that arrangements could be made to remove it to a 'place of safety' (if you get my meaning) if he did not sort it - miraculously he did.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


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          Neighbour puts his ladder on my fence.

          Thought this was a