I have lost 2 foot of my garden!

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    made my eyes water MTG!
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      Spoke to other freeholder i.e. he was as usual rude and said if I do anything he will take me to court and get half of the cost of the fence from me as I owe him.....

      I said you built a fence on my land and never informed me that you had built it.

      He said f off and wants me to waste money on surveyors and lawyers


        I think at least five of us here already suggested a solution.


          Originally posted by JK0 View Post
          I think at least five of us here already suggested a solution.
          Solution one, here is a picture of equipment needed.
          A flame thrower. ( if i can get it to load later )
          ( lets get back to version 3.6 where everything worked ! )

          Solution 2
          Go for trespass...

          Trespass to land occurs where a person directly enters
          upon another's land without permission, or remains upon the
          land, or places or projects any object upon the land.
          This tort is actionable per se without the need to prove damage.

          Trespass includes erecting a fence on another's property or
          a roof which overhangs a neighbor's property, swinging the
          boom of a crane with loads of building materials over another's
          property, or dumping debris on another's real estate.

          In addition to damages, a court may grant an injunction
          prohibiting any further continuing, repeated or permanent

          see Also http://www.inbrief.co.uk/land-law/trespass.htm


            Can't upload pics

            So see
            Equipment :



              When the neighbour is away you can get a builder and build a single brick wall which will not be torn down. It is worth the investment. If a spending few hundred pounds will give you less to worry and more time to enjoy life then it is worth. 'built in stone’ says something wise.

              I have had the same problem as you. I own a rather large rear garden demised to my flat, bought 22 years ago. One boundary is common with Council property and the other boundary is on the communal garden of the other two private lessees. Over the years I noticed the intention of encroachment on my land from both the Council tenants and private lessees. I saw threatening metal posts put a few feet inside my garden, people from the upstairs flat standing in the middle of my garden and children just walking into my gardeen over a flimsy fence. But 9 years ago I decided to pay £3000 to built a fence on concrete posts and form a more solid boundary. Since then I feel less insecure but stillpeople from all sides shore up on my fence ladders and materials, but the fence cannot be moved.
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