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    2 up 2 down layout advice

    Hello everyone,
    For my first post here (hopefully of many) I was hoping you would have some advice for me regarding a layout change i was recently looking at. I have attached 2 pictures, the first is the original layout and the second shows the changes I have made.

    I was wondering what peoples ideas were regarding the downstairs toilet that i have removed on the second layout plan. The idea being that by removing this bathroom and creating a single story extention out to where the kitchen used to be, i can put double doors out to the garden in this corner. This allows a straight through sightline from the front door to the back garden, allowing in lots of light and giving the feeling of space.

    Id be interested to know what people think about the value of the layouts. Is removing the downstairs bathroom de-valuing this property, or will it be an improvement.





    Edit: This property is a small old fashioned terrace house, set in quite a poor area. The ceiling price on the road is about £85k, and this unmodernised property with the layout shown in diagram 1 will be going to auction with a guide price of £40k. I do not own it!

    I find a downstairs WC very handy. Could you not fit one in under the stairs?


      Thanks for the reply, at the moment the space under the stairs is access to the cellar.


        In the the second layout, the downstairs is much to large for only a 2 bed house.

        I would still move the bathroom upstairs, and enlarge the kitchen utilising the freed up space from the bathroom. But there is no need to add an extension on a house that small with such a low ceiling price.

        Have you looked at the layout of neighbouring 2 bed houses? Have you asked a local estate agent about your plans? I think you would be over developing the house, unless you are doing this to live in the house yourself.


          A modern house would need to have a downstairs cloakroom for disabled use, so any current design would have to incorporate such a facility.

          Yet here you are suggesting there is no need for such a facility even though all essential plumbing and drainage is already in situ.

          If you want to extend the property extend the width of the kichen across the full width of the house, but provide access to the downstairs toilet and basin even when you re-model the existing area.

          An open plan kitchen/diner with direct access through patio doors into the rear garden, on the other side from where you show on the drawing, is a way of adding value, as is leaving a downstairs cloakroom.
          Using the existing plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom will be a cost saving that will be worthwhile when you need to spend a limited amount of money if you intend to make a profit from this possible development.


            what did you decide in the end?


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