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  • Building on the village envelope

    We inherited an end of terrace property 7 years ago. This is adjacent to 3 acres of agricultural land which we purchased over 12 years ago. We applied for planning permission to change the land to paddock land and build a stable block central on the plot. included in that application was permisson to extend the E of T property (end on)by 4metres.Part of this extension would intrude on the agri land to an extent of about 20 sq metres. Permission was granted.
    The boundary between the house garden and the paddock land forms part of the village envelope.

    I need advice as to what the likelyhood is of getting permission to build a new house instead of the extension to a total width of 6m which would obviously intrude over the 'envelope' much further.As the original property, built at right angles to the road, is about 120metres in from road, there are no issues of overlooking other properties or blocking light.The only issue I can see is building on a very small amount of paddock land.

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    The planners could decide to come down on you hard on a rural policy basis, or they may be lenient. It all comes down to a sensitive negotiation. It is hard for me to comment on the project without seeing the plans so please have a look at my websites first ( and and then maybe drop me a line.


    Peter Kyte


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      Thanks Peter, I will have a good look at those websites and come back to you


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        Obviously the plot on which the house sits is much longer than wide, so have you considered a design that takes advantage of that fact and will not extend beyond the point where a planning permission has already been granted.

        I once purchased a plot that was only 20 feet wide with plots of 50 feet wide on each side that were occupied by bungalows, but the bungalow that was designed to fit on the plot and received planning permission was 75 feet in depth, all because the total plot extended for a depth of 200 feet.

        Both the main bedroom suite and the lounge were situated at each end of the bunmgalow, so used the full width of the available internal space.
        You may be as well discussing the matter with a good local architect rather than a planner not familiar with the area.


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