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  • soil for new build

    Has anyone done a soil survey report before for a new build?

    I'm building a house

    The building control passed the foundations and so did the visiting inspector from NHBC (for the 10 year structural insurance)

    Now the desk boys at NHBC want a soil survey done

    I'm concerned that after the soil survey is done, they will find something adverse

    I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with this before?

    And what type of soil it can be?


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    The two things that spring to my mind are - friends had to have this done because their site had been semi-industrial. There were concerns about potential contamination.

    The other thing I can think of is that if the soil has a high clay content, it will be subject to shrinkage in drought - therefore potentially giving subsidence problems.

    There may very well be other possibilities...


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      Ok thanks
      This land is between 2 houses, leading onto a gold course
      So its unlikely to be contaminated given the residential setting i'm assuming?
      The building inspectors seemed to like the soil - i'm not sure why the office require a soil survey to be honest, given the inspectors liking the look of it


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        A rush to get to the 19th maybe ;-)

        Have you tried asking them?


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          Once built they have to give a 10 year guarantee. Its their rules.
          I had this when I built my house. decided not to use NHBC,
          But of course you cant sell the house if its not built to NHBC standards.
          Sold it 15 years later, nobody asked.

          PS. Clay Soil, high water table. Not in Flood Plane THEN. Now in flood plain as they are moving the boundaries higher up sloping land


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