Conflict between lease covenant + planning condition

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    Conflict between lease covenant + planning condition

    I am now at my wits end ....

    I own a leasehold home - i pay my groundrent and communicate with chancery st. james - who act on behalf of my freeholders (i think)

    I applied for planning permission almost 2 years ago to extend my house - in a nutshell it was rejected because th neighbours complained - it went to the planning inspectorate and i was consequently given planning permission, however, there were 4 conditions - 1 of which is giving me real problems :- I must basically change my front garden into a parking area - i know that chancery st. james have to be asked before hand and want £600 for the privelage - BUT - they said under no circumstances can i change the use of my garden although the massive extension is fine ????

    which effectively means i can not do the extension.

    I have exhausted all my avenues where planning is concerned to change the condition but with no luck - i must have this space.

    A few questions :
    1) What rights have they got, if i just build it and do the car parking space, can they knock it down even though i have planning permission ??

    2)Can i appeal against the fact that they say i can not block pave my front garden ?

    3)Countless other home owners on the same estate have got their gardens block paved and i know half of them haven't got permission ?

    Any advice would be really helpful, particularly in answer to number 1.



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