Not being made aware of Planning Permission

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    Not being made aware of Planning Permission


    I moved in to a house last week where I have now found out through opening a letter from the council that the Landlord has submitted application to put a 3 bedroom house on the side of our semi-detached property.

    Through the application process by the Letting Agent I wasn't made aware of this, and the Landlord didn't seem to think I'd need to know during my 6 month contract anyway!

    He said that the only work that would be carried out would be the knocking down of our garage and turning the front garden into our new driveway... surely this should have been told to me before I moved in?

    NB. The plans to build and modify our gardens was not in the contract.
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    There's no reason to inform you that he has submitted an application. It doesn't mean the works are approved or starting. You've only signed a 6-month contract and it is likely that the work won't be in a position to start until after this time.

    Now, if you had just moved inand were then being told that the works were starting tomorrow, things would be different.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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