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    supported housing en suites

    Hi there

    I've just bought a house, its single family dwelling.

    I'll be turning it into a supported house, housing 6 people (c3 use, permitted development)

    My question is: Can i convert the 6 bedrooms into en suites without planning permission? I will get building reg for it


    This is a VERY interesting case. If they are self contained then the traditional view is that its 6 new units... BUT I had a case many years ago that proved that if there are no 'planning implications' arising from the changes then development is not involved... Also, if you still plan on having sonme shared facilities then dev might also not be involved. Get a town planner on board!!



      As this is the forum for Planning and Development questions, I am not sure that each initial posting should be followed by a statement from a profession practising planning consultant saying
      "Get a town planner on board!" followed by the advert for that particular town planner.

      It seems to me that people posting on this forum are seeking free advice, which some people seem capable of supplying after seeing some of the responses on this forum.

      The OP states that the change of use is permitted development as the Use Class C3 is unchanged.
      In which case internal works are not classed as development as defined in section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

      The short answer is that although building control approval must be sought, no planning permission is required.


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