Lodgers with own council tax bill?

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    Lodgers with own council tax bill?

    This maybe a daft question but can a lodger (sharing a kitchen but separate living room/ bedroom/ bathroom) have their own council tax bill?

    I would like to set up a lodger on my first floor. I'm about to buy an
    ex-LA so quite a large 3 bed. I don't like the idea of putting their bills in with the rent in case they don't pay. I understand its alot of money to split everything like the electric but the house needs a refurb (and
    probably a re-wire too!) anyway. What i'd like to do is separate them as
    much as possible but keep the lodger legal status to avoid the building
    regs and planning permissions.

    Has anyone put in two kitchens downstairs (split the existing kitchen
    into two) and is this an ok solution with planning/building regs? - They would have access to both like the big HMOs do when they have to provide more kitchens/bathrooms etc.

    Any thoughts?

    "No chance" sums up this posting.


      The council tax is one bill per property. Separate the building into 2 properties and you may be able to get the council to agree to 2 bills.


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