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    Listed building consent

    We have a flat that we have been given the go ahead to replace the windows for PVCu in 2010, the work was carried out by Anglian Windows. We have been in touch again with the authority because it has now come to light that the property is listed and we need to change the lower floor windows due to rot. I have asked the Listed building officer if PVCu is excepted and have been informed no even though the floor above is still PVCU. The windows above are very well fitted and give the inpression of a mock sash effect. The existing ground floor are timber box sash. The details on the net regarding the listed building state a property address which is attached to our building but not our address. The listed building officer has said this does include our building also even though it does not match our address on the details.Could we be asked to replace the windows on our property above back to timber even though the planning department granted the replacement to PVCu in 2010?
    Thanks in anticipation for any advice. Dave H

    Originally posted by Davedaho View Post
    The listed building officer has said this does include our building also even though it does not match our address on the details.
    Ask him to show you the documents which prove that your property is listed.

    We spent 12 years under the erroneous impression that our house was listed and as a result had to jump through a lot of unnecessary planning hoops to put a small Velux window in on a low roof at the back of the house, invisible from the road. It turned out that the local history enhthusiast who'd been subcontracted to list buildings in our village had described the house next door (as worthy of listing), but by mistake marked ours on his map. The error became obvious when they came round to re-list and I noticed that the description of the property was of next door's, not ours. Ask to see the full set of data regarding the listing.

    In your case, of course, it may be the other way round.

    Good luck.
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      Certainly you need to verify the statutory list of Listed Buildings to see what the description is.

      That is available on-line through English Heritage web-site


        listed building consent

        Thanks for the update, I am still waiting after several calls for the officer to confirm his details with me as the listed detail does not match the present building. regards Davedaho


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