Rebuilding on the site of 2 bombed terraced houses

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    Rebuilding on the site of 2 bombed terraced houses

    Hi All

    I am in the process of buying a victorian 'end' (we'll come on to the end part) terrace which comes with a small parcel of land to the side.

    On further inspection of the title plans and documents provided via the sellers to my solicitor, its clear that the land to the side of the property previously used to have 2 additional terraced houses on. Therefore the property was originally a mid rather than end terrace.
    This is further supported by the property being number 10 and having no's 8 and 6 to its left, but jumps to number 16 on the other side of the gap to its right, with no numbers 12 and 14 inbetween, or indeed anywhere else on the street.

    From doing a bit of digging on the local area, what appears to have happened is that numbers 12 and 14 (along with several other houses in the surrounding area) were bomb damaged in WW2 and subsequently demolished and never rebuilt. At some point since then the land on which they stood was purchased by no.10 which is clearly shown on the land regsitry title.

    My question for the forum is how likely do people think it might be that planning permission would be granted to build on this plot?

    Given the complications of building between the two now end terraces (10 and 16) we wouldnt be looking to build two houses, but just a single additional house, adjoined to the property I am buying and then leave the land where the second terrace would have stood as parking.

    Unfortunately the plot where the demolished houses stood does not include the original gardens behind which these properties would have had (which appear to have been carved up between other houses in the street) so there would be an obvious limitation on the lack of garden to the new property.

    Obviously I intend to take a friendly architect round to get a view and also speak to the planning department on a generic basis, but was interested to get people's views on here before doing that and in partciular whether the fact that houses had previously existed on the site (albeit 60+ years ago) would be helpful.

    Many thanks in advance for any comments.


    Would it be worth buying the gardens back and building the two houses? I would have an informal chat with planning officer.


      Thanks James

      It would be worth buying the gardens back if it was possible. Unfortunately because of the way they have been divided in quite an odd way they are now owned by 3 different properties as far as I can tell, so this may be a bit of a challenge.

      The existing property does have a garden but it is separate from the house and is accessed via an alleyway and pathway to the left of the property and is located beyond two other gardens which run perpendicular to the property. Another option I am considering is trying to buy the bottom metre of those two gardens to create another access from the site where the new house would be (not sure I've explained that well - its a very odd layout).

      Thanks for the suggestion of speaking with a planning officer informally, I think will do that once I have given some more thought as to exactly what I want to do.


        The fact this is a residential area will have more impact on the planning application than the older houses being there before the war.

        I once read somewhere that houses that were destroyed in the war had certain rights attached to them, so you may want to research "war damage" to see if there is still a legal presumption about such circumstances.


          Maybe a small flatted scheme that would require small amenity space to rear and even with a roof terrace??. I would get a planner on board as well as an architect?? It would also be historically interesting to research the matter... look for old photos in the local archive...?? I am not certain about war damage rights but I do have a Planning Encyclopeadia that I could look at!!



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