Changing layout of a ground floor bathroom connected to the kitchen

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    Changing layout of a ground floor bathroom connected to the kitchen

    Hi All,

    I wonder if someone can advise me?

    We rent out a ground floor flat in a converted house (1 up, 1 down). The bathroom/toilet is in what I assume used to be the old coal shed. It is connected to the kitchen by a small corridor so there are 2 internal doors between the kitchen and the bathroom. This set up means that the bathroom itself is a very small and cramped L-shape because of the dividing wall making up the small corridor.

    What we would like to do is remove the dividing wall which will open up the bathroom to a much more sensible size. The bathoom and therfore the dividing wall have nothing above it except a small pitched roof so it is not load bearing.

    Now I believe that you are not supposed to have a bathroom connected directly to a kitchen (hence the current small corridor)? A builder we spoke to said if we were living there it would really be up to us (and then worry about it when we eventually sell) but because there are tenants in there it might be a big no no!

    Is this correct or would we be ok to go ahead anyway?

    The bathroom is in need of updating and it would just make sense to do it all now if possible and it would be a much better set up for the tenants.

    Any advice would be great.

    Many thanks

    Check the current Building Regulations, as a few years ago there was a change that allows a bathroom/toilet to be separated from the kitchen by a single door.

    The last house I built in 2008 had a utility room off the kitchen with a single door dividing them.
    There had to be an extraction fan in the toilet but that was all that was needed to comply with the regs in 2008.


      Thanks for the reply. I spoke to the local council planning department in the end and they told me that as long as there is a wash basin in the bathroom, then it is perfectly ok to have a single connecting door.


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