Building regulations for loft conversion.

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    Building regulations for loft conversion.

    I am looking in to getting a loft conversion done on one of my properties. Thing is I'm not sure if I need planning permission or what building regulations it will have to meet? Has anyone been in a similar situation at all?

    There are some interesting anomolies. There is for example no planning law which sets a minimum width for your stair width up to the loft conversion. You will however need building regs whatever you do and whereas not so long ago you could get under way and simply serve a building notice nowadays they will want SAP calculations based on your proposals, so in practice you will need to have a drawing or two prepared for building consent regulation. Any local surveyor/architectural technician will tell you in a flash whether planning is required in your locality; and indeed if not a detached house you may well need party wall awards to comply with the law. I have even known some building control departments asking on their forms whether the partywall awards are in place, but have been told that the Borough concerning was going beyond what the law entitled them so to do. Conclusion : get professional advice with your building regs app; this may cost you as little as £500 + VAT. You do not want to spend ten or twenty times as much on a conversion and discover it is non compliant.


      You'll need to comply to the current Building Regs.

      The link you included goes to Conservatories and Sun Lounges (non-habitable spaces) neither of which is a loft conversion (habitable space).

      Is the property a house or a flat? If it's a flat then there are no Permitted Development (PD) rights and you'll need 'Full' consent. If it's a house then you may have PD rights to do certain things if these are all you want a certificate of Lawful Development is all that is required. If you wish to go outside these - for example to raise a Party Wall - then you'll need full consent.

      The Party Wall Act proceedure is entirely separate to the Planning or Building Regs procedure and the Local Council DO NOT have any envolvement / responsibilities. The responsibility lies solely with the Building Owner.

      Speak to a local small practice of Architect, Building Surveyor, Architectual Technician or Structural Engineer.

      ETA: I am assuming the property is in England or Wales
      There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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        A good guide is - are you altering the front elevation in any way? If so you need planning consent. No harm in asking Local Authority anyway - far cheaper than being forced to undo all your work because you got it wrong.

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