Part E Soundproof Floor/Ceiling

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    Part E Soundproof Floor/Ceiling

    I have planning permission to convert a guest house to flats and am interested in anyone elses success with complying with the Part E sound test between dividing floors, and what has worked for you.

    The architect has spect a noisedeck 36 system (or similar) which i assume will work fine, although expensive. I have a touch over 3m ceiling height between floors so i was thinking of an independant ceiling, with 100mm rockwool and 2 layers of acoustic plasterboard and as the floorboards are already up, put 100mm rockwool between the existing joists on top of the existing lath and plaster ceiling.

    With doing this it seems that then adding an expensive flooring system it wouldn't be neccessary. I've read about just putting either 19mm gyproc Plank or some acoustic board on top of the joists and then put a floating 18mm or 22mm chipboard floor on, but basically i'm after anyone that has experience in soundproofing to chime in and help if they can.

    I've just been posting on another thread about this.

    Although I did not have to pass a sound test my local authority made me do:-
    2 X layers of 15mm plasterboard applied to ceiling
    suspended ceiling (floating) with 60cm cavity
    cavity filled with rockwool
    2 X layers of 15mm plasterboard

    Building inspector visited at every stage and it is quite successful but cost loads. 2 men X 10 days + £800 for floating ceiling parts + cost of rockwool.

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