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    Kitchen Fire Door

    First question:
    1. Do kitchen fire doors currently in situ need to have an automatic closer? (It's a 1985 build).

    I'm trying to put together a kind of business plan for the future of our flat that we let and I'm stuck on some regulations about fire doors. All I can find is opinion one way or another.

    It's a small studio flat. The kitchen is the absolute furthest room from the entrance to the flat (i.e. you wouldn't need to go through it / past it to escape). We could like to replace the current fire door.

    2. Can we replace the kitchen fire door with a non fire door? (We want a bi fold door due to size). Could we remove the door completely?

    I'm struggling to find the right bit of legislation for this. I wish there was a "big book of rules for first time landlords"!

    If you were to build a studio (a dwelling that has one main room in which the occupants eat, sleep and live with a separate bath/shower room) flat to meet the current regs then you wouldn't need to enclose the kitchen. The layout of the flat would determine the level of fire detection required and indeed whether a sprinkler system would be needed.

    If means of escape can be provided from the sleeping area and the bathing area without going past the kitchen then it would acceptable [under the Building Regs] not to have an enclosed kitchen.

    However, mortgage companies & freeholders may have different opinions / requirements.

    Tenants may have different views too.

    Is there a mains feed fire detection system in the flat?

    You either need to ask Building Control their opinion - which may require some layout drawings - or ask a Professional to visit and advise you after seeing the flat in question.

    If it were me, I fit a mains fed heat detector in the kitchen. A good extractor hood. Then remove the door but maintain the frame.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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