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    Hard wearing fixtures and fittings

    Hi everyone I am a relatively new landlord who has a property that needs refurbishment prior to being let.

    I understand that all works need to comply with building regs etc however I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about brands or types of products which are hardwearing and relatively tenant proof.

    I'm thinking about heating - gas or storage?
    Has anyone found a brand of paint that covers well and can put up with the rough and tumble of lettings?

    Any help gratefully received!

    This may help http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/forums...antproof-House


      Yes, I would definitely want my house to be antproof

      More seriously, I would always favour storage heaters over gas. I have paid out thousands over the years having boilers inspected and repaired, but as yet never had to call a repair man for a storage heater. (A few cut-outs have needed changing, but it is easy to do this yourself with a screwdriver.) Last year I bought a couple of replacement storage heaters very cheaply on Ebay, but if you are installing system from scratch you have to get new building regs compliant ones.

      However, I would try to get a place with a gas supply, as I read that from 2019 you won't be able to let somewhere under Band D energy rating, so at that point you may be forced to install central heating.

      Kitchens, I would have a tiled floor, and bathrooms tile or vinyl.


        Thanks everyone much appreciated


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