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    Separate flats

    Hi all

    I’ve added a kichen on the first floor of my house and a door where the stairs is

    I’ve thus made 2 flats now, mine downstairs and another upstairs

    If planning have a problem, I’ll just take out the kitchen facilities out upstairs and problem solved

    If I rent out the one upstairs as a one bed flat, I’ll have to do the contract as something like Flat 2, Address…

    Would this alert the planners?

    The housing benefit department and the council tax department are one team I think

    Would the council tax guys come down to inspect and value the flat for these purposes? Or is it a seperate valuation team that does this outside of the council?

    Would they then inform planning if they have any suspicions of me converting it?


    any feedback?


      In the other posting you made, I explained that Tax Band valuation is controlled by HMRC who confirm the Band to the Council Tax section who then issue the Council Tax demand to the occupier of the flat.
      They may well not inform planning, which is the normal way these departments compartmentalise their operations.


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