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    Bill Information

    Bill information

    I am trying to get information on some previous tenants of mine

    I’ve mis placed some of their contracts and need them so get established use as over 4 years has passed

    I’m wondering if the following information can be readily available, or would I not be able to get them due to date protection act?

    • Electoral register of tenants in my property
    • Virgin internet users
    • Thames water bills
    • Electric meter bills
    • TV license names


    You can view old electoral registers at your local or city library - or online (for a fee).

    The rest is not going to be obtainable.

    What info do you need? and why?


      I need some info to back up my established use proposal

      Thanks for this!


        Do you use an accountant and submit rental accounts, a statement from him showing a rental income start date would help. Insurance on the property as well as where you live. list the tenants names and dates of occupation. Perhaps the council might not try and contact them. If they did ask for the tenants present and addresses you could always refuse and say that "Under data protection you are not allowed to release the information" the fact you have not got it is really irrelevant.
        I once read that with planning law its based on probabilities not to the same evidence standard as evidence in a criminal trial. But you presumably should have something concrete showing a start date and a name which can be verified. And perhaps make sure the use is existing as if you move their yourself within the 4 years you have lost the 4 year rule.


          The Council Tax section supplied me with details of council tax payments made by the respective occupiers of the two flats I had converted when I decided to obtain a Certificate of Lawful use when I came to sell the flats after 9 years of ownership.

          They responded quite quickly and confirmed the date that the flats were assessed for Council Tax Band by the Valuation Officer from Inland Revenue who undertook that task on behalf of the Council when the first two occupiers claimed Housing Benefit for each flat.
          If any tenants claimed Housing Benefit there is another council department to make enquiries of, but do not rely on the Planning Department to make these enquiries for you.
          That is something you must do in order to provide evidence of the 4 years that stop enforcement action from taking place, so that use is then lawful.


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