Changing Flat Room Lay Out

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    Changing Flat Room Lay Out

    I have purchased a 1 bedroom ground floor flat converted from Victorian semi-detached house.

    At the moment the house has (in order of front to rear)
    Entrance Hall
    Living Room (14 x 12)
    Bedroom 1 (12 x 11)
    Dining room (12 x11)
    Kitchen (11 x 6)
    Bathroom and WC

    In order to maxiumise income and layout i want to make into a 2 bedroom flat.
    To do this i would:

    Convert dining room into kitchen
    kitchen into bathroom
    and then at the rear, knock lobby into bathroom creating a 2nd bedroom.

    Would this add value or potential knock value of sell on and with regards to renting flat?


    I think the first step is to speak to a good local agent... they will advise on values, appropriate room sizes etc.. THEN, if you are happy with their response, have a look at the policies on conversions in the development plan on the Council's website..These two actions will help you make a more informed decision as to whether to proceed...




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